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Quadris Cloud Connect

Delivering site to cloud performance that is comparable to onsite connections.

Quadris Cloud Connect

Quadris Cloud Connect, provides an extremely fast and reliable site to cloud connection that bypasses local infrastructure and interfaces directly to the global internet backbone. This service therefore enables business critical or health critical systems to operate with practically zero latency and guaranteed uptime between your location(s) and our two datacentres.

As an officially recognised Tier 2 ISP, Quadris is able to deliver unparalleled levels of connectivity.

Optimised and reduced paths offer low-latency/high resiliency connectivity

Direct connection to the global internet backbone

Network to network interface (NNI)

Access to dual Ro2 diverse last mile connections

Choice of Layer 2 or Layer 3 access

What are the benefits of Quadris Cloud Connect?

Low latency connection

The direct connectivity provided by Quadris Cloud Connect delivers the best possible low latency service, delivering site to cloud performance that is comparable to direct on-site connections, perfect for systems that require near real-time access such as Desktop as a Service, telephony systems or clinical equipment controlling software.

Complete management

With Quadris Cloud Connect, you get the additional benefits of the Quadris UK support team, who manage everything from specification through to installation and ongoing support, acting as an extremely knowledgeable and accessible extension to your internal IT team.

Direct connection

Quadris Cloud Connect provides a direct connection to the global internet backbone, eliminating the myriad systems that most organisations have to pass through. This clean line allows for the extremely low latency and reliable connection that your organisation demands.

Ultra-high speeds

Depending on your physical location, Quadris Cloud Connect delivers full-duplex speeds up to 10Gb/second (10 billion bits per second), equivalent to sending a 20GB file in under 20 seconds, which is faster than many internal networks!