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All the benefits of Quadris Cloud but completely managed

If you’d like to transition some or all of your services to the cloud, but don’t have the skills or time within your team, then our Managed Cloud Service could be for you. You’ll get all the benefits of our class-leading cloud platform, but with the added advantage of our UK-based team handling everything from initial data migration through to daily monitoring and servicing.

With our Managed Cloud Service, we take full responsibility for overseeing all your IT systems and services, leaving you able to concentrate on your core work. It frees up your internal IT team’s time from critical support tasks that require specialist expertise in order to deliver end results, quickly, securely, and reliably. You also avoid the cost and time it takes to learn and operate specialist IT service management tools, while automatically benefitting from the expertise of skilled IT professionals instead of trying to attract and retain them directly.

Let us be the experts

If you need to begin moving some services to the cloud but don’t have the skills in house to do so then we can help you out. Our team will work with you to understand what needs moving and then handle the complete transition for you.

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Completely optimised

As we control the underlying Quadris Cloud infrastructure, you can be sure that your apps and data will be completely optimised and running as fast as possible. We’ll keep a daily eye on activities and ensure everything runs as it should.

Focus on your core business

Rather than spending time managing servers and data in the cloud, let your teams focus on what’s core for you – your business. Continue to invest in building great applications, supporting your current customers and landing new ones. Let us worry about the infrastructure.

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Predictable spending

One advantage of cloud computing is that you can scale up and down as required, but this can come at a cost if you start to eat up resources without knowing. With our Managed Service, you’ll be in complete financial ontrol as we’ll never allow resources to exceed your pre-agreed budget.

No training required

With our team handling every part of your cloud strategy, from setup to migration and beyond, you can completely skip any need for training.

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A single support resource

One of the key benefits of Quadris Cloud is the expert support you have when you need it, which extends further with our Managed Service. In passing complete responsibility to us to manage every aspect of your cloud strategy, you and your colleagues have a single support resource that you can contact – no matter what the issue.

UK exclusive service

Our Managed Cloud Service relies heavily on our UK support and account teams in order that we can deliver the high quality that you expect. For this reason, we only offer the service to customers based in the UK.

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If our Managed Cloud Service sounds of interest and you’d like to chat to a member of the team, please drop us your details below and we’ll get straight back to you.

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