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Public cloud but with personal support when you need it.

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The cloud computing platform with a difference.

Quadris Cloud is a class-leading public cloud computing service, but with the comfort of having an experienced and accessible personal support team at the end of the phone or email when you need them. With Quadris Cloud you get all the benefits you’d expect of a highly scalable, secure, rapid cloud-based deployment platform, but with greater emphasis on security, data integrity, and, of course, that all-important personal support.

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Class-leading platform

With Quadris Cloud you get all the benefits of a secure, rapid cloud-based deployment platform with scalable compute, storage, and networking.

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But with better support

With an experienced and accessible Quadris support team at the end of the phone or email, you get better control and peace of mind.

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And pay-as-you-go

Our unique pay-as-you-go pricing model is designed to give you full visibility of your monthly or annual costs – with no hidden surprises.

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Direct support from UK-based experts

Quadris’ people are some of the leading experts in their field and we invest a great deal of time and training ensuring that everyone stays at the very top of their hame. With our dedicated public clouse service, you get access to these experts for advice or assistance when any problems arise.

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The flexibility to scale up or down

Just like the public cloud services offered by the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and Google, Quadris Public Cloud allows you to scale up or down at any time. So, you can quickly and easily adjust your requirements in order to meet the changing demands of your organisation.

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No training required

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience of how the public cloud operates, because our experts are on hand to show you the way. This means that you can consume pay-as-you-go resources immediately without having to negotiate a steep learning curve.

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