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UK-hosted public cloud, with personal support

QuadrisCloud is a mature, secure, scalable, and sustainable public cloud service trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes and supported by our own talented UK-based tech teams.

Professional-grade security baked in

Security isn’t just a feature with Quadris Cloud; it’s the foundation of our entire technology stack. We integrate storage-at-rest encryption and data-in-transit encryption tech to keep you, your data, and your business safe and secure.

Shrink & grow with your requirements

With QuadrisCloud, you can easily increase or decrease the number of vCPUs, memory, storage, backup and more on a per VM basis, ensuring you only pay for what you are using.

Human expertise when you need it

We’re not a faceless online organisation. Instead, you get direct access via phone and email to our UK-based support team, all of which are experts in cloud computing and can assist with any issues, no matter how complex.

Professional-grade security baked in

Security isn’t just a feature with Quadris Cloud; it’s the foundation of our entire technology stack. We integrate storage-at-rest encryption and data-in-transit encryption tech to keep you, your data, and your business safe and secure.

We employ robust encryption protocols, continuous network monitoring, and compliance with the UK’s most stringent data protection regulations to ensure your data remains secure and private. Our proactive threat management systems are designed to thwart potential vulnerabilities, offering you peace of mind in a landscape fraught with digital risks.

  • Built in threat-management detection

  • Thwart vulnerabilities with active detection

  • Do other fancy security things

Shrink and grow with your requirements

A huge benefit of Cloud Computing is the ability to offload your applications and data to the cloud, but this shouldn’t come at an increased cost. Whether you’re expanding your operations, handling unexpected surges, or simply need to spin up some virtual compute for a temporary project, you get the flexibility to create, delete, expand and contract your resources as needed.

  • Create, amend and delete VMs with ease.
  • Define your own compute, memory, storage and backup for each instance.
  • Pause infrastructure you don’t currently need.

Human expertise when you need it

When you move in full or in part to cloud computing, you may have gaps in your teams knowledge or simply have some questions that need answering. Equally, if things aren’t working the way they should they having someone at the end of the phone can be essential. With QuadrisCloud, you get access to our dedicated support team, ready to help you with any cloud computing problems.

  • UK-based team of cloud computing experts
  • Get support via phone or email seven days per week
  • Enhance your team’s capabilities

And much more …

Absolutely no data transfer costs

Unlike Azure, AWS, and Google there are no eye-watering data transfer charges. This is simply because with Quadris Cloud there is no charge whatsoever for transferring data to and from your different services.

Simple pay-as-you pricing

Our completely transparent pricing model means that you know exactly what your charges will be at the end of each month.

Secure, UK-based data centres

Our UK-based data centres are subject to the same comprehensive security policies and procedures as our hosted servers and are fully managed by Quadris. This ensures that we keep a close eye on their operations in order to deliver the best possible service and give you complete peace of mind.

Zero maintenace required

Gone is the time-consuming and arduous task of maintaining and continually updating your IT hardware and systems. With QuadrisCloud, we take full responsibility for ensuring that all your systems run at peak performance 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Optional fully Managed Service

With our fully Managed Service, we can oversee all the services you run on QuadrisCloud, leaving you free to concentrate on your core work.

Built on a powerful technology stack …

Picture a data centre, with your various pieces of IT hardware scattered around – your servers processing data, your storage keeping your data safe, and your network keeping everything connected. Now, imagine if you could bring all these pieces together in one place, like a conductor leading an orchestra, to create a harmonious symphony of tech. That’s exactly what HCI does!

At the heart of OSSEA is some seriously clever software that virtualises all your required IT resources. This means it takes all those physical components – your servers, your storage devices, your networking gear – and turns them into virtual entities that can be managed and manipulated from a single, user-friendly interface.

By virtualising all your equipment, you can conjure up new servers, expand your storage, or tweak your network settings with just a few clicks. And the best part? Because everything is virtualised, you’re not tied down by the limitations of physical hardware. You can mix and match components, scale up or down on the fly, and adapt to whatever challenges come your way.

expandable compute

flexible storage

immutable backup

dedicated network

disaster recovery

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