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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions that we are asked by clients when considering migrating to Quadris Cloud. Simply click on the question to reveal the answer. 

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, then please contact us here.

About cloud computing

How does cloud computing differ from a hosted server?

Cloud computing is far more flexible than a hosted server as resources can be scaled up or down on demand.

What types of applications/services can run on the cloud?

You can run practically any application or software that runs in a virtual machine or container.

About Quadris Cloud

What is Quadris Cloud?

Quadris Cloud is a high performance, secure, and stable compute, storage and network platform, with greater emphasis on control, visibility of costs, and personal support.

How is Quadris Cloud different from Azure or AWS

Quadris Cloud offers better performance than Azure or AWS, at a much better price. It also offers a level of personal support that you simply cannot get from the big tech providers.

Which Quadris Cloud product should I choose?

This very much depends on your requirements.

Quadris Solo Cloud is the choice if you simply require a single virtual machine instance (e.g., to run a website).

Quadris Elastic Cloud is most suitable if you are looking to supplement your current infrastructure and plan to ‘burst’ resources into our cloud and expect usage to fluctuate.

Quadris Reserved Cloud is the best option if you have a baseline amount of resource that you are looking to move into our cloud and is unlikely to decrease, but still want the flexibility to burst into more resource or expand as your business grows.

How easy is it to migrate data in and out of Quadris Cloud?

Very easy. Quadris will help establish network links into your current hosting provider, or into your on-premise infrastructure and then help you migrate your workloads into our cloud. And since you don’t pay for data transfer into or out of Quadris Elastic or Reserved Cloud, you won’t be stung with a huge bill at the end of the migration.

Is my data secure and fully backed up?

Your data is held in UK based ISO27001 data centres. If you choose backup options, then all your data will be backed up to immutable backup storage.

How easy is it to upgrade from Quadris Solo Cloud to Quadris Elastic or Quadris Reserved Cloud?

Solo cloud is for single instances. However, if you choose to sign up for Quadris Elastic Cloud or Quadris Reserved Cloud then your Quadris Solo Cloud instance can be connected at no additional cost. Quadris Elastic Cloud resources can be reserved at the click of a button in your portal, immediately giving you the benefits of Quadris Reserved Cloud economies.

What are the charges for transferring data to and from Quadris Cloud?

In most instances no charges whatsoever. Quadris Elastic Cloud and Quadris Reserved Cloud don’t charge for transferring data. While Quadris Solo Cloud comes with a pre-agreed amount of data included in the monthly fee and you would only be charged if you were to exceed this limit.

About Quadris support

Where are the support personnel located?

All our support personnel are employed directly by Quadris and are based in the UK.

When is support available?

Support is available 24/7/365

How do I contact Quadris support?
Via email, customer portal, online chat, or by phone.
Will I get help with the initial onboarding?

Full support is provided throughout the onboarding process to ensure you get efficient use of all resources.

Can Quadris help migrate all my system to Quadris Cloud?

Yes. We offer full support to help you migrate all your systems to their successful conclusion.

Signing up and ongoing costs

Why do I have to provide a credit card at sign-up?

This is purely to prove you’re a real person, prevent fraud, and to protect the integrity of the platform. At no stage will we charge your account without full authorisation, nor will we share your details with other parties.

Can I pay by invoice or direct debit?


Can I extend my 14-day trial

In the event that you wish to extend your trial beyond the initial 14 days, please discuss this with your account manager.

About Quadris

Who are Quadris?

Quadris is a fully incorporated Managed Service Provider that has achieved ISO27001 certification. This global benchmark demonstrates that Quadris has successfully implemented a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).

How long has Quadris been operating?
Quadris was founded in 2008 and fully incorporated in 2015.
What expertise do Quadris personnel have?

Quadris’ people are some of the leading experts in their field and we invest a great deal of time and training to ensure that everyone grows, evolves, and is always at the very top of their game.

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